What is New With WP 5.8

Released in July, WP 5.8 is the second major update of 2021. This update includes several new features and some major improvements. While these new changes bring some interesting and creative ways to work on your WordPress website, the feel is still similar to past updates, making it relatively easy to follow and adapt. Here’s what’s new with WP 5.8

New Template Editor

The WP 5.8 update contains a brand new feature called the template editor. Eventually, it is meant to be a full site editing tool that utilizes the block editor. This tool allows you to create a new template by clicking on the “New” link under the template tab when working on a page or post.

The template editor is currently an optional theme, and if you don’t see it your theme likely doesn’t support the feature. However, once you click on the template you will be able to insert a title and customize the template according to your desired look. The template editor will allow you to include blocks such as:

  • Site Logo
  • Site Tagline
  • Query Loop
  • Post Title
  • Post Content
  • Login/out
  • Post Date
  • Post Excerpt
  • Page List
  • Post Featured Image
  • Post Categories
  • Site Title
  • Post Tags

Blocks Based Widget Editor

Aside from the new template editor, WP 5.8 also improves the blocks-based widget editor. Simply go to Appearances and select Widgets. In the block editor, there will be several tabs that list out each widget-ready area in your WordPress theme. This provides you with greater control over your widgets.

Furthermore, you can use blocks to create more widget areas with the inclusion of buttons, colors, group different blocks, etc.

For those who prefer things as they were, you can opt out of this feature by downloading the Classic Widgets plugin. 

WebP Image Support

WebP is an image format that cuts image size by 25-34% without hurting its quality. This feature is incredibly useful as it can drastically improve the speed and performance of your website. 

WP 5.8 supports and uses WebP by default, meaning you don’t need a plugin to save or upload your images to your WordPress website. That being said, if your web browser is too old, it may not support WebP images, meaning you’ll have to consider a plugin designed for image compression.

Changes In The Media Library

WordPress’s image library will no longer be a continuous scroll. Rather, you’ll be able to see a specific number of images in a grid view, and then you’ll need to click on the Load More button.

Additionally, you can now copy media file URLs when uploading files. Before this update, you had to edit the image and manually copy the URL when adding the image to the media library.

Changes To The Block Editor

The block editor is where WordPress really shines as it’s where most users spend their time creating their websites. So it makes sense that the bulk of WP 5.8 updates would affect this feature.

The Query Loop Block

In times past, plugins were needed if you wanted to display multiple posts on a WordPress page. However, the query loop block allows you to easily display several pages, products, or posts anywhere you want.

Duotone Filters for Images

WP 5.8 initiated the use of duotone filters for media blocks such as images, galleries, or cover images. While there are presets available to users, you can also design your own presets to match any colors or themes you are using.

Pattern Recommendations

WordPress 5.8 recommends patterns in the add block panel. This allows you to look for common elements and then WP will suggest specific patterns to use for that block.

Parent Block in Nested Blocks

Previously, it was difficult to select the parent block in columns, groups, or other nested blocks. Now you have access to an always-available parent block button in the toolbar where you can quickly access it as needed.

Improved List View

This update has improved the list view panel as it now shows a complete list of blocks for each post or page on your website. This helps to improve navigation, especially when dealing with a more in-depth layout.

The WordPress 5.8 update includes several new features and traits. You can’t afford to miss out on the benefits that this update brings. If you’re struggling to understand or maximize P 5.8 benefits, consider reaching out to a digital marketing expert today.

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