What is a Content Pillar?

Are you struggling to come up with unique content for your company? Creating relevant and informative content for your audience is one of the most important digital marketing strategies, but it is often one of the most difficult.  Using content pillars can help mitigate this struggle and make it easier to focus your content. Content pillars are foundational for a successful content strategy. They are the key to creating compelling marketing campaigns and strategies. Here is our guide to content pillars and how to use them!

What is a Content Pillar?

A content pillar is a topic or theme that your brand consistently discusses through various channels. It is often a long-form piece of content, like an e-Book or webpage, that can be broken into sections. These longer pieces of content can be used to create smaller pieces of content like blog posts and social media posts. This can help center your content strategy around a topic that your organization has authority in.

The term “pillar” comes from the idea of building a strong structure using strong materials. Content pillars are the fundamental building blocks of a content strategy. They are often the starting point of a content plan, and they serve as the basis of every piece of content marketing. Companies typically have anywhere from three to ten content pillars that they use to develop the rest of their work.

How to Develop a Content Pillar

Developing content pillars for your marketing strategy starts with understanding your audience. Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Who is our target customer in terms of demographics?
  • Where are these types of customers congregating online?
  • What kinds of content are they attracted to?

After you have determined who your target audience is, it is time to determine their needs and wants. Figure out what questions your audience is asking and how your brand can answer them. This is an ideal time to perform keyword research to solidify the needs of your audience.

Once you know your audience and what they are searching for, you can develop your content pillars. Sort the common keywords and phrases your audience searches for into three to five categories. These categories will become your content pillars.

Benefits of Content Pillars

Content pillars help you center your content on what matters most to your target audience and brand. They allow you to provide valuable content to your audience consistently. These topics also prevent you from spending too much time catering to groups that are outside of your target audience.

Content pillars can help build authority with search engines. When your content is connected to a core topic, your search engine optimization will do better. Google recognizes related information across sites. By clustering your content around a few topics, Google will recognize your authority on those topics.


Finally, content pillars make it easier for you to plan your content. Without these core topics, you may be scrambling to decide on blog post topics at the last minute. This can lead to poor content that may not be valuable to your audience. With core content pillars, you will be able to easily choose blog post topics and social media post topics.

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Kim Schmutzler

Kim Schmutzler

Kim is the owner of KDGS WORKS, a web design and digital marketing agency located in the Kansas City Metro area. KDGS Works partners with businesses and web designers across the United States to better the SEO and Content Marketing Efforts of small businesses.

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