Upcoming Changes in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a major part of every business. From blog development to page optimization to social media use, digital marketing has become a necessary mode for connecting with consumers. What might come next? One of the biggest challenges facing marketers today is adapting to changing customer expectations. While some companies are still struggling to figure out how to adapt, others are already embracing the future. In this article, we will look at some upcoming changes in digital marketing that focus on meeting customers’ needs and expectations.

Increased Demand for Quality Content

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are expected to remain relevant well into the future. With these trends, consumers will have a stronger demand for quality content creation. This can be anything from short-form videos, like Tik-Toks, to longer blog posts. Look into various content types to make your brand accessible to all your target audiences.

Mobile Optimization

Digital marketing experts predict that over time, mobile devices will replace PCs and tablets as the primary means of accessing the Internet. Already, over 60% of Google searches are made using mobile devices. This shift will create opportunities for those who adopt new technologies early. As mobile optimization continues to become a more important search engine ranking factor, it’s time to make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Ensure that your mobile site can be properly indexed and that all necessary information is still visible on the mobile site.

Increased Focus on Gen Z

As generation Z matures, they become one of the largest consumer groups. This generation has over $360 billion in spending power, but they are more selective in their buying habits than previous generations. With this development, it is time to reconsider your digital marketing strategies to better reach this growing audience. Meeting this generation on social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok is a good place to start.

New Focus on Experiences

Creating a unique user experience will be essential moving forward. User-friendly sites will remain important, but there will be an increased focus on making each user’s experience with your brand unique. Experiences like quizzes or interactive blog posts can make all the difference for consumers.

Conversational marketing is another great way to create a unique experience for consumers. The goal is to create a personal, instant connection between the consumer and the brand. This can be done through chatbots on your site, personalized emails, or other personalized messages. Conversational marketing utilizes new AI technology to reach consumers at each stage of the purchase process.

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Kim Schmutzler

Kim is the owner of KDGS WORKS, a web design and digital marketing agency located in the Kansas City Metro area. KDGS Works partners with businesses and web designers across the United States to better the SEO and Content Marketing Efforts of small businesses.

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