How SEO Affects Business Growth

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) affects business growth by creating fast, content-rich, user-friendly websites. SEO optimizes these sites to help them rank higher in search engines which brings in more leads, eventually resulting in higher conversion rates. In short, good SEO means more sales.

Utilizing SEO for business growth can be challenging. However, there are a few SEO strategies that you can get started with today to help grow your business. After all, investment in SEO is an investment in your company’s future. Here’s how SEO affects business growth.

Building User-Friendly Websites

SEO used to only be about improving search engine rankings, now it also focuses on improving user experience. Studies show that it only takes about .5 seconds to form your first impression of a website. If users judge your website as poor and immediately leave, it hurts your rankings. Search engines like Google can tell when users are dissatisfied with your site by a high bounce rate or other relevant data. 

On the other hand, well-structured, easy-to-navigate websites can improve the overall user experience. This decreases bounce rates while simultaneously increasing page views. Quality content, like articles or blog posts, can also improve user experience by quickly providing them with information relevant to their search. 

Generating New Leads

If your website is easy to navigate, more users will turn to you for answers to their questions. This boost in traffic is a great way to find new leads. One of the primary reasons for a website is to increase your customer base. So if your site isn’t generating leads, you’re missing out on a major opportunity for growth. 

SEO can work to increase your visibility by improving your overall search ranking. 67% of clicks go to the first 5 organic search results. That means low search rankings result in you missing out on ⅔ of the market. That’s a big loss. 

SEO is one of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies. Investing a little time and money into optimizing your site will help you reach more of your target market. As new leads begin to visit your site, your conversion rates will increase as well. 

Improving Conversion Rates

Increasing your website traffic is only half the battle. Turning those leads into converts is another benefit of SEO. When your website is optimized for SEO it loads faster, is easier to read and explore, and allows your content to be displayed on multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. This is especially important since mobile searches account for 60% of all searches. 

The easier your site is to use, the more likely a lead will take action. Other ways SEO improves conversation rates include strategies such as CTA (call to action) buttons placed strategically. Layouts designed to direct a lead towards taking action such as an “items you may like” page based on products they’ve viewed. 

SEO Builds Brand Awareness

Another way SEO affects business growth is by building your brand awareness. As your site begins to rank higher on the SERPs, potential customers will begin to recognize you. Boosting your rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will increase visibility and give you more credibility in the eyes of the consumer. 

If you want your business to have better brand awareness, (locally, nationally, or even internationally) you should invest in SEO and improve your rankings by utilizing the key terms related to their business.

Although SEO is a complex field, and there is much more we could speak on, these are a few of the reasons why SEO is a must for business growth. The benefits of investing in your SEO are unparalleled. You can’t afford to not take advantage of it.

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