Content Marketing

Many of our clients know that they need to write but they don’t know where to start and just can’t find the time.  Our content development specialist works with you to develop a content strategy that complements your social, SEO, and Ad campaigns. We show you how you can repurpose content so that you get the maximum return on your investment. Once the content schedule is set, we can guide your writers or you can outsource the work to our copywriters.  

Reach People

What are your buyer’s needs and goals? How can you solve their problems? Are you delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time?

  • Define Needs

    What are the questions people are asking?

  • Design a Content Strategy

    Where are people looking for answers?

  • Build a Following

    Use content for lead generation and build prospect lists.

Build Connections

How can you re-engage with potential customers? Are you using your existing assets creatively? Re-purposing online and offline content saves money and allows for multiple touchpoints.

  • Solidify Your UVP

    Verbalize your unique value proposition and keep your messaging consistent.

  • Use the Data

    . Find out which types of content Google ranks highest.

  • Drive Traffic

    Promote your content so people can find it and build a web of linked assets to keep users engaged.

Serve Customers

Are you letting sales slip away? The value of a lifelong customer is more than revenue, it’s word-of-mouth advertising.

  • Keep Publishing

    Regularly write new content and reach out with email campaigns.

  • Integrate Channels

    Integrate your digital content with offline content.

  • Do the Research

    Build surveys and crunch the numbers so you stay ahead of your customers' needs.

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Why do you need a blog?

The long tail keywords and related phrases that naturally appear in a blog article often reach very targeted groups of people. Leads with focused interests are usually further along the buyer’s journey. 

Prove that you know your business. By publishing in-depth, helpful information on your products or industry, your clients know that you are the “expert” they need to solve their problems.

Nudge prospects along their buyer journey by linking blog articles to your primary landing pages. These links also give “rank juice” to your web pages so that they appear higher in Google’s search results.

Put your company and products in front of your clients on a regular basis. Don’t let “out of sight” become “out of mind.” Keep the communication channels open with regular blog postings.

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