WordPress vs Shopify – Which should you use?

I don’t think I’m going to make your read the whole article before I get to the point. When comparing the two, WordPress vs Shopify, I believe Shopify is the better choice for most e-commerce

Local business meeting

How to Improve Local SEO

You may have noticed that the structure of the search engine result page (SERP) has changed. At the top of the page, Google first shows relevant paid listings. These are followed by local listings, and

YouTube video on computer screen

Your Checklist for YouTube Video Optimization

Remember how your grandparents repurposed and saved everything? Their generation knew how to stretch their resources and save money. Never waste a thing. Integrated Content strategies operate on this same principle. Present every word you

site structure

The Best Site Structure for SEO

Find out how site structure improves SEO and what you need to do to clean up your website. How Is Your Site Structure? If I were to ask you for an email you sent three

man thinking about his unique value proposition

The 1st Step to a Profitable Website

When I sat down to write the Steps to a Profitable Website, I struggled a bit. There was so much material I needed to share, and yet I wanted to find a way to condense


Integrated Marketing: Direct Mail & Online Video

Marketing strategies continue to evolve as new technology becomes available. Despite the fact that I build and populate websites, I’ve been preaching for a long time that businesses must use integrated marketing. Online and offline


How to Develop a Blog

The third step in Building a Profitable Website is Blog Development. First, you defined your unique value proposition, and then you optimized your landing pages. Now it’s time to throw out the nets and reel

women working on landing page optimization

Tips for Landing Page Optimization

Whether you are building a new site, redesigning an old one, or creating new content, your ranking will be mostly dependent on your keywords and landing page optimization.  It used to be that all you

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