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After successfully building two e-commerce businesses and a local service business, Kim Schmutzler, our President and founder, realized that what she really enjoyed most was the strategy of business growth. So, she took what she learned from her own ventures and started working with other entrepreneurs to help them build their dreams.

As her web consulting service grew, she took on agency partners with like-minded business principles and rather than hire “help,” Kim tapped talent she knew she could rely on – family.

Over the years, KDGS Works has provided SEO and Content Development Services to Fortune 500 companies, international corporations, and local small businesses. We have an eclectic mix of clients from a variety of industries including manufacturing, automotive, construction, and finance. Nothing gets us more stoked than tackling a new niche. 

We are a family-owned business, located in Overland Park KS, that works with companies of all sizes across the United States. We have the resources of a large agency and the customer service you would expect from a smaller boutique web design agency.

 At KDGS Works, we treat your company as our own, because we know that the key to our success is your success.


President, Web Consultant
Knows a lot about SEO, attends lots of meetings, tells the others what to do, and ultimately answers for the success of your project.

clayton scyhmutzler


Content Manager
Writing, SEO expert, YouTube optimization, and data analysis. He makes sure we develop the right content strategy to meet your business goals.


Director of Business Development and Innovation
Drawing from decades of experience in local service businesses, manufacturing, and multi-million dollar eCommerce platforms, he provides innovative solutions to help your business grow.


Business Administrator
Designs beautiful graphics, builds out email marketing campaigns, newsletters, Ads graphics, web designs, and our resident office manager.


Digital Media Specialist
Video Editor, WordPress Developer, excellent Copywriter, Gen Z consultant, and the person who goes and gets McDonalds for Kim.


Social Media Specialist
Courtney works on design and creates graphics for articles and social. She is an amazing artist and helps us think outside the box.


Voice overs, photo model, and SEO content writer who ranks #1 and has proven that you can write about asphalt and septic systems and make it fun.


Educator, mama, and writer. Greta is the best at writing for medical companies. Plus her husband works in an ER so her primary source is on the premises.


MBA student with serious skills in B2B writing. Jill has the right voice for the professional crowd and knows how to find just the right sources.


Got married and went on Sabbatical for a year but she'll be back.

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