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Creating an effective SEO strategy is an important business goal that will help you increase your online visibility and draw more traffic to your website. A study done in 2020 showed that only 30% of small businesses had any sort of SEO strategy, which is far too little to compete with the cutthroat world of business. Thankfully, there are some simple steps for optimizing your SEO strategy that will help you gain a competitive edge and drive more traffic to your website by increasing visibility online. Here’s what you need to know. 

Start Where You Are

Before optimizing your SEO strategy to move forward, it’s imperative that you identify where you are. To do this, it’s important to benchmark your current performance in key areas such as organic visibility, keyword rankings, and traffic reports.

There are many tools available, such as the Semrush Organic Research Tool, which will help you identify your current standings in each of these areas. Once you’ve determined where you are, you can identify which areas need work and which of those areas should be prioritized. 

These metrics will provide you and your team with a comprehensive picture of how your site is operating and what needs to be addressed when optimizing your SEO strategy. 

Learn From Your Competitors

Another great method of optimizing your SEO strategy is to learn from your competitors. The Semrush Organic Research Tool has a “competitors” tab that lets you input businesses with a strong keyword overlap with your business. 

Once this tool is set up, you can identify what words your competitors are ranking for, as well as which pages/content is ranking for those specific terms. This will let you analyze their content and find potentially helpful ways to improve your own site by learning from their methods. 

For example, if you are competing with a local business, and you find that they continuously draw in traffic due to their local city pages, consider creating some for your own site that lists out the areas you service.

Set Realistic Goals

After determining where you are and learning what you can from your competitors, it’s important to set goals for the coming year. Your goals should be realistic and broken down into manageable categories.

For instance, say one of your year-long goals is to increase site traffic by 20% and to capture the #1 spot for five new keywords. You then should break down those goals into quarterly and monthly categories. This will let you make sure you’re still on track throughout the year and quickly identify any hindering factors that may come up. 

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

While there are several methods of optimizing your SEO strategy, one of the best ways to help your business grow online is to hire a digital marketing agency. Not only can they offer expert insights that will help you evaluate and organize your SEO plan, but they can also take charge and complete necessary tasks, freeing you up to do what matters most; running your company! Consider reaching out to a digital marketing expert today for a free consultation!

Let Us Help You Succeed!

We can meet your SEO needs and help you rank higher in the Local Pack, organic search, and YouTube. Whatever your business goals, we will work to build an SEO strategy that reaches them. We do everything we can to work with our clients to make web design and online marketing affordable. Contact us for more information.


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